LADbible Group to drive ‘social empowerment’ in 2019

13. Dec 2018

LADbible Group to drive 'social empowerment' movement in 2019

LADbible Group is aiming to provide young people with the essential tools and skills to make well-informed life decisions on the topics that really matter in their lives – from mental health, personal finance, career advice to relationships and much much more.


Building on the success of our Cannes Lions award winning social good campaigns, LADbible Group has started to introduce this innovative new strategy and want to partner with the right brands around common goals to enrich the lives of millions of young people.


We’re calling it: ‘everyday social empowerment’ and it aims to reach a mass youth audience across our 120m social media and website followers with relatable and easy-to-use life skills and hacks.


LADbible’s greatest achievement in 2018 has been to drive mass awareness and provide a platform that allowed young people to find their voice and drive conversations.


Past examples:


With Smirnoff, we launched ‘Free To Be’ a year long partnership to make nightlife more inclusive, with a special emphasis on the LGBT community and disability.


‘Trash Isles’ an environmental campaign by LADbible, AVM BBDO and Plastic Oceans Foundation empowered our audience to lobby the United Nations to tackle the single use plastic epidemic in our oceans.


Pretty52, the group’s female-focussed channel, partnered with Cancer Research UK to encourage millennials to ‘Own Their Tone’ and understand how to protect their skin from sun damage.


This approach has had prestigious industry acclaim, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, Lovie, Festival of Marketing, Digiday and Drum awards.


The feedback from our audience is that they love how we have driven mass awareness and want us to go deeper, to break down complicated jargon and help them in their everyday lives with relatable content.


So, in 2019, LADbible Group is going one step further – providing young people with the tools to make meaningful well-informed life decisions:


Kicking off with an evolution of UOKM8? – a major mental health campaign to provide young people with the necessary tools to start informed conversations.