LADbible Limited Edition CanO Water On Sale

28. Mar 2018

LADbible's Solution To Single-use Plastic Bottles

In 2017, LADbible & AMV BBDO went to the United Nations to claim the world’s first country made entirely of trash – ‘The Trash Isles’. The stunt formed part of a 360 campaign across the LADbible ecosystem, aiming to highlight the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.


The partnership between LADbible and CanO Water aims to provide a real-world solution and alternative to single-use plastic bottles in order to encourage behavioural change amongst our audience.


Since the campaign launched in September 2017, over 215k people have signed up to become citizens of the Trash Isles, pledging to spread awareness of the issues and reduce their plastic usage.


The LADbible cans are designed to enable our audience to fulfil that promise.


CanO Water was set up by 3 LADs in order to help rid the ocean of plastic bottles. The cans are fully recyclable which means they will always come back as another can rather than another piece of trash in the ocean.


The limited edition cans are available on the CanO Water website.