Amazon Grand Tour

23. Feb 2017


For the past two years, we’ve been working with Amazon Prime Video to help them to reach a young male audience with their flagship show The Grand Tour.

  • In year one, the challenge was to bring to life the spirit of the show without once mentioning cars, which led us to send LADbible favourite Kyle Shepard on our rather less glamorous answer to the Grand Tour’s globetrotting adventure – a wet and windy road trip round the UK. Safe to say he had a great time. Just don’t ask him about him about the time he passed out on the UK’s longest zipline.

    In year two, we took things back to what the Grand Tour does best: undertaking ridiculous car-related feats for no reason. Over the course of three videos, we ate Christmas dinner in the back of a moving 4×4, turned a Vauxhall Corsa into a ping-pong table and pimped out someone’s family car without then knowing, bringing to life the Grand Tour’s ‘How hard can it be?’ tagline in a way only we know how.

  • — The Results So Far

    Over the two years of the partnership, we’ve reached 91m people, racked up over 35m video views and earned over 485k engagements.