What is LADnation?

LADnation is the consumer youth research panel from the world’s leading social publisher LADbible Group. Coupling LADbible Group’s behavioural and content data with a new panel offering, LADnation provides a way for brands and agencies to understand and decode the motivations of the social generations – Gen Z and Millennials.

Reaching 2/3 of the UK’s Gen Z and Millennial Market (14 million 18-34s each month) on our social channels, LADbible Group is uniquely positioned to help clients tap into youth audiences and help them truly understand them on a deeper level. Since launch in October 2021, our panel already has over 55,000 engaged participants, with the number continuing to grow rapidly each week. Our biggest clients are currently The British Army, Warner Bros and Pepsi.

LADnation offers near real-time insight for brands to uncover and unlock the social generation’s consumer habits, motivations and desires to help them find ways to connect with their target audiences in an authentic way.

How is LADnation different?

The relationship that we have with our audience makes us different to any other market research company. We’ve created a true community and our people connect with us to be heard, provide feedback, and influence the future. Given our unique two-way engagement with our audience, with LADnation brands access:

  • Near real time, detailed understanding of audiences
  • The opportunity to test sentiment around various messaging types
  • Insights on consumer appetite for future products, and more
  • In-depth Gen Z insight

We can work with you on a completely tailored set of questions to ask our panel, that is most suited to your business needs.

LADnation is set to be the most engaged Gen Z research company and provider of youth datasets in the UK. 



How do we do it?

Working with each brand partner, we establish the critical insights they are looking to discover. We identify prizes, exclusive content, and community participation incentives that activate our massive audience. We tailor questions to motivate participation, sign up qualified panelists to our dedicated (and secure) survey hub –– consumers know their personal data will be protected.

We offer five bespoke solutions for clients and agencies:

  • Audience Insights – add depth to insights using deep dive survey or cameos
  • Creative Testing – pre-test your strapline or creative before going live
  • Brand Tracking – track your brand or a trend
  • Effectiveness – measure the effectiveness of your campaign with us
  • Targeting and modelling – activate detailed audience segments with tailored messaging

How Do I Work With You?

To unlock access to the UK’s most powerful youth audience and to gain access to a wealth of Gen Z data at your fingertips, get in touch today by emailing us at [email protected]