15. Mar 2018

We shone a light on local heroes working in the UK LGBTQ+ communities and celebrated inclusivity within global club culture.

  • — Village Angels

    A short-form documentary that shone a light on the work of the Village Angels. These are the everyday heroes of Manchester’s Gay Village – giving up their time to keep this nightlife mecca a safe zone for all who visit. We spent a night in the shoes of Village Angels shift lead, Josh – learning how he joined the foundation and telling the story of his Friday night providing protection and support for revellers.

  • — Night Visions

    A photography series that championed musical meccas across the world – celebrating the joy and inclusivity of nightlife culture. Curated by artists intrinsically linked to a certain city, these are love letters to iconic destinations and profiles of unique characters and an ode to the diversity and energy of the places that have shaped each artist’s musical experiences.

  • — The Results

    – 16M Total Impressions

    – 400% Increase in Village Angels Volunteer Applications

    – 10M Reach

    – 4M Total Views

    – 38K Engagement

    – The documentary was covered on BBC Breakfast with one of the angels being invited along to be interviewed live on the show.