Takeshi's Castle

13. Mar 2018

LADbible x Comedy Central

  • To raise awareness and explain the concept of the new Takeshi’s Castle series on Comedy Central, LADbible amplified multiple assets including news-style videos, highlights films and memes containing the show’s best clips.


    We brought chaos to a pre-existing experiential event by filming two Geopolitical trash-talkers, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, going head to head in the famous Honeycomb Maze in a definitive Nuclear Arms Race – with a surprise appearance from The Queen at the end!


    We dialled up the craziness and humour by including tongue-in-cheek commentary, comedy sound effects and garish, OTT graphic overlays which got our audience very excited about the new series.


    To launch the new series in 2018, we’ve created two hilarious memes and a compilation video featuring all the best, weirdest moments from the new series, utilising impactful social formats that resonate with our audience.

  • — The Results

    Our initial launch campaign saw the following results


    – The video was our most viewed branded video on Facebook in the week of posting

    – 47M impressions


    – 819k engagements