THINK Road Safety

26. Jan 2018

Mates Don't Let Mates Drink Drive

  • — The Brief

    We’re working with Think! on a mission to build a nation of responsible drivers.


    To educate the millions of drivers we speak to every day with Think!’s latest driving awareness campaign, we created a series of highly shareable videos that resulted in unprecedented as well as a promotion (for Think!).


    Capturing the spirit of LAD with plenty of banter and camaraderie, we took our audience to the pub to show how mates don’t let mates drink and drive with Pintwreckers.


    To celebrate the designated driver we brought man of the moment, Michael Dapaah, to the wheel of an Uber to create the best LAD’s Night Out ever.


    With football favourites Cheeky Sport, we highlighted the dangers of country roads as we went on an epic away day journey.

  • — The Results

    – 67.3M Impressions

    – 13.8M Total Views

    – 525.4K Engagements