How Creative Industries Are Tackling Plastic Pollution

29. Mar 2018

LADbible opens Advertising Week Europe with Trash Isles panel

LADbible hosted the opening panel at Advertising Week Europe to discuss how the creative industries became the catalyst to tackling the plastic pollution epidemic.


Thanks to awareness raised by LADbible’s Trash Isles, Sky Ocean Rescue and BBC’s Blue Planet, the general public has had a rude awakening to an environmental crisis that is too often overlooked.


2018 has become a watershed moment, with Millenials in particular demanding real action whilst a wave of brands and retailers have pledged to cut plastic waste.


We partnered with Advertising Week Europe to make the 2018 festival single-use plastic free in support of the Trash Isles. Our limited edition LADbible CanO Water were distributed throughout the festival, providing a real-world solution to the plastic crisis by encouraging attendees to reuse the 100% recyclable cans.