06. Apr 2017

Joyride get double recognition at the Brand Film Festival

Respect the Water is the RNLI’s national drowning prevention campaign, which targets men and encourages them to take more care around the water. To ensure this campaign was seen and felt to be relevant to the target audience of 16 – 39-year-old males, the RNLI partnered up with LADbible.


Together, we wanted to find a way to make the dangers of the water feel very real to young men by demonstrating how quickly situations can escalate around the British coast. To do this, we created three short documentaries that told real stories from men their in the target demographic, supported by a four-part editorial series that contextualised the dangers of water. We wanted relatable and authentic content, which would cut through to this hard to reach group, and really make them consider how to behave around water.


The reach alone is significant, having exceeded 4.2 million views on LADbible’s Facebook newsfeed to date. 40k+ shares, likes and reactions, plus 3k comments, demonstrated people felt compelled to spread the water safety message to friends, relatives and loved ones. The sentiment was overwhelmingly positive, with many tagging their friends to warn of dangers.