LADbible relaunches mental health campaign UOKM8?

13. Dec 2018

LADbible relaunches mental health campaign 'UOKM8?'

LADbible Group has launched UOKM8? a major mental health campaign, to provide young people with the necessary tools to start informed conversations.


Working in partnership with mental health ambassadors, everyday heroes, brands and the charity MIND, the social publisher aims to reach an audience of millions with practical advice on how to cope and help friends with their mental health.


In a fresh move, LADbible Group is taking the campaign offline by partnering with boohooMAN and Yorkshire Tea on UOKM8? products.  The campaign is also supported by billboard posters and pavement stencilling driving further awareness in key locations taking the UOKM8? messages to young people.




The award-winning campaign UOKM8? first launched in 2016 to raise mass awareness and destigmatise mental health.  The acclaimed campaign features Olympian Louis Smith among others, reaching over 35 million people.


However, LADbible Group’s 120m social media followers – including half of all 18 to 34 year olds in the UK alone – want more, citing mental health as their number 1 concern.


As a result, we’re producing content that will work hard to inform our audience with advice, inspiration and amazing stories that will help them in their everyday life. We’ve refreshed the campaign look and feel, and upgraded the editorial hub and launched an outdoor campaign.


While raising mass awareness remains an important pillar of UOKM8?, the new campaign has evolved to offer practical advice to help young people cope with mental health and support their friends in times of need.


Changing The Record with Sam Fender

The campaign launched with Changing The Record, a powerfully honest documentary about male suicide.


Filmed through the eyes of musician and UOKM8? ambassador, Sam Fender, who lost two friends to suicide, the documentary explores the importance of opening up and talking about the issue that sees 84 men taking their lives every week in the UK.


“Being able to tell your son that talking is a good thing and crying is natural, I think that’s the biggest thing that men need to take on now”, he says.


Earlier this year the North Shields songwriter released: “Dead Boys” as a way of articulating the confusion and grief associated with suicide.


First Steps with Hussain Manawer  

LADbible knows young people are not hard to reach, they just want content delivered in a relatable way that speaks in their tone of voice. When it comes to mental health, our audience really appreciate us getting behind the issue and they asked us to go deeper.


So we’ve brought on board mental health campaigner & poet Hussain Manawer and launched  First Steps with Hussain Manawer a 4-part video series offering simple and consider advice on protecting your mind, how to ask for help, coping with loss, and helping friends.


‘Something as simple as telling your friend you’re there for them can be a massive help’ Hussain explains.


For example, when helping others coping with loss, he says: “It’s important for them to be remembered and loved at this hard time of their life.  Because they may have never experienced something like this. Society doesn’t teach us how to deal with these things.”


He adds that people should ‘ease into certain conversations if it’s a little sensitive’. ‘Talk about the person that they’ve lost, share memories, embrace their name, talk about their kind nature. Don’t allow them to become a taboo. Don’t allow them to feel like they can’t talk about that person.’


boohooMAN & Yorkshire Tea Partnership

Over the course of the UOKM8? campaign, we are collaborating with several brands that can help us with our common goal of driving awareness and providing young people with the necessary tools to start informed conversations.


That’s why we’ve partnered with boohooMAN to create limited edition ‘UOKM8?’ t-shirts, to allow our audience to show that they are open to talk mental health and are always there to support a friend.  All profits from the t-shirts, available to purchase at: boohooMAN, will be donated to mental health charity, MIND.


Yorkshire Tea have created a one-off UOKM8? branded box of tea, to encourage our audience to come together over a hot brew and open up about their mental health.


Solly Solomou, Founder & CEO LADbible Group says: “Mental health is an important topic to us and our audience. Our initial focus was to change the behaviour of those who do not feel comfortable talking about their mental health. We feel that this starts from the environment people are surrounded by. So changing that by making it something that is accepted in discussions amongst your friends was our first mission and the mission that we will continue to work on. Building on this we are now also working on making tools that people can use to help manage their mental health more accessible.”


The UOKM8? campaign is supported with a dedicated website feature  with content going out across LADbible’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Discover and Twitter channels.