29. Sep 2017

United Nations acknowledge “innovative and creative” Trash Isles campaign, as momentum grows to declare mountain of ocean trash as an official country


With the Trash Isles now having more citizens than some countries, Greenland, Monaco and Tonga to name a few, the United Nations are starting to take note of the country made entirely from trash.


So much so that Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for The United Nations Secretary-General was asked about the pending application by LADbible and Plastic Oceans Foundation for The Trash Isles at an official UN Press conference this week.


In response Mr Dujarric said:

“I’m not aware the petition’s been received, but I think it is a very innovative and creative way to bring attention to a problem that is often not seen giving the location of these piles of trash, but a problem of polluting the oceans and killing life in the oceans.  It’s a very important one.” 


His response was complimentary of the campaign but said the chances of approval were pretty low.


Mr Dujarric adds:

“So as I said it is creative and innovative.  But the chances of it being accepted are fairly nil.”


Nevertheless, the positive acknowledgement by the United Nations is step forward for the campaign that only launched three weeks ago and already has the backing of former US Vice President Al Gore and British Olympian Mo Farah lending their support.


For a background to the wider Trash Isles campaign, see here: LADbible Calls On United Nations To Declare Mountain Of Ocean Trash As An Official Country, To Tackle Environmental Epidemic