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19. Jul 2019

Three Introduces The Most Relaxing Place On The Internet   

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    To become the UK’s best-loved brand, and crucially get their swagger back with millennials, Three needed to confidently and unapologetically land its new bold point of view — ‘phones are good’ — despite a growing backlash around phone usage and mental wellbeing. So, we partnered with LADbible to launch the most relaxing place on the internet. In the first 12 weeks, Relaxing Stuff delivered 7 years worth of feel-good moments of mobile chill. But it didn’t take itself too seriously. To date we’ve increased purchase intent among the target audience by 14.8 points.



    Three’s ambition is to be the UK’s best loved brand. To do this, it had to bring a unique voice to the audience’s core passions for travel, student life, gaming and wellness. But there was an additional catch: people now feel more negative about their online lives than they have for years. To convince them to engage more with a mobile provider, we had to make them feel good about their smartphones again and create an ownable space for Three to stand out in a cluttered comms landscape.


    The Big Idea

    Young people are told regularly that their phones are bad for them. But Three believes that phones are good. Our challenge was to make this proposition real, believable and tangible.  To be convincing, we knew we had to do this with credibility.


    As a media owner, our big idea was ambitious: build a long-term media campaign that would create an ownable space for Three.   Our market research showed that the core pillar of ‘wellness’ was relatively competitor free and perfect for a brand to be part of. Wellness also brought to life the new brand proposition. So, we set out to tap into this emerging trend, delivering impactful video content that stood out in busy social-media feeds.


    The research also revealed that while people are spending more time using mobile devices, they are also becoming much choosier about their media consumption and particularly about social media. 44% said they were posting less than they used to. But at the same time, half of UK consumers had downloaded a fitness or health app and one third had downloaded some form of wellness app.


    With our insights, and our strategy to “Feed the Feel Good”, we had to deliver a volume of content that would dominate users’ social feeds. We had to ensure that the content made users feel good about their phones. And we had to create unique branded hero moments along the way to provide a richer value exchange and stop latent dead-scroll.


    Making It Happen

    For this campaign, Three and Mindshare partnered with media owner LADbible, the world’s largest social publisher and a trusted voice for our audience, to create “Relaxing Stuff”: a new type of social channel that uses technology to deliver daily moments of chill. Modern “wellness” often takes itself too seriously, which can alienate mainstream audiences. Relaxing Stuff was going to be different.


    The goal of our new channel was to break up stress-inducing social feeds with relaxing videos that tied into Three’s new ‘Phones Are Good’ brand mantra. Our brief was unique, playful and attuned to modern social habits: more chicken nuggets, fewer chia seeds, more chabuddy G, less Gynny P, more Gen Z, less Gen Zzzzzz, more view-through, less dead-scroll.


    That’s why Relaxing Stuff featured videos showing dogs being shampooed in slow motion, the satisfying sound of screen protectors being peeled off phones, cute rabbits munching different types of fruity snacks and even celebrities experimenting with ASMR.


    Using editorial stories, videos and social assets across Relaxing Stuff’s and LADbible’s eco system of websites and social channels provided regular moments of chill to an audience of millions. In the first twelve weeks alone, the campaign featured more than 440 pieces of original and curated content, including the newly created Relaxing Stuff Facebook and Instagram channels and a bespoke website,



    The campaign achieved the following:

    • 440 pieces of content and 417,000 unique engagements in the first 12 weeks
    • According to Crowdtangle, Relaxing Stuff had the highest engagement rates of any publisher in health, wellbeing or telecoms in it’s 12 week launch period.
    • Our community of chillseekers grew from 0 at the start of the campaign to 46,000 followers.
    • And we delivered 4 million minutes (over 7 years) of chill through our digital channels.
    • We shifted purchase intent among 18-26-year-olds by 14.8 points.


    Stand-out moments included singer Lewis Capaldi experimenting with ASMR. This video became the number-one telecoms video in the last year, by engagement, on Facebook, globally.


    Client quote: 

    “At Three, we are dedicated to demonstrating why phones are good and freeing the fun for our customers. We worked with Mindshare to establish LADbible as the perfect partner for a new, super-relevant digital wellness channel that entertained as well as relaxed people with an aim to shift brand consideration. #relaxingstuff has seen unbelievable engagement rates and continues to grow at a fantastic rate, delivering over 4 million minutes of wellness and growing… Namaste” – Will Harrison – Marketing Communications Lead, Three