Activision wanted to make the launch of their new game Call Of Duty: Cold War the most anticipated launch of the year. They also set out to make the cold war a talking point again by shining a light on the most interesting stories and conspiracies of this period of history.

With this in mind, Activision wanted to capture the attention of the LADbible Group audience, 1/3 of which are gamers, whilst driving desire for the new game launch.


We tapped into the LADbible Group portfolio to paint a new, unmissable picture of the Cold War by spotlighting its incredible real conspiracies and stories across a range of passion points.

We created an interactive game on LADbible tailored to the Instagram platform, packed with the most unbelievable espionage stories from the KGB and CIA during the Cold War. This creative execution alone drove extremely high engagement metrics (455K poll responses) and overdelivered on impressions by 1.4M!

On UNILAD Tech’s Facebook channel, we created original content that focussed on the secret spy tech of the Cold War, a topic we know through audience data, would be of interest to UNILAD Tech followers. We created a video that visited a private collection of declassified spy technology for an in-depth tour of their most unbelievable tech and how it works, with their curator and our light-hearted presenter. This piece of creative was the best performing branded content video across LADbible Group in 2020 with the highest engaged watch time of 1 minute 12 seconds out of 125 branded videos.

Finally, we utilised UNILAD’s very own hugely popular editorial format ‘Minute’s With’ to film an exclusive video with a real Cold War Spy. This was our first ever sponsored original format and resulted in being the 2nd best performing branded content video across LADbible Group in 2020.


We overdelivered on impressions by 16% and more than doubled our view target driving 4.4M in total. The content also generated over half a million engagements!

  • All Facebook videos were in the top 5 most viewed videos in the gaming category in 2020 (Source: Tubular Labs )
  • The Facebook hero videos were the best performing pieces of branded content across LADbible Group in 2020 (Source: Tubular Labs)
  • 20M reach (+16% target)
  • 4.4M video views (+107% target)
  • 520K engagements