ebay’s overarching objective was to be recognised as a force for good that positively impacts people and communities. One of the ways in which they do this is via their Small Businesses United (SBU) initiative.

This programme supports local football clubs and small businesses, by joining them up to provide sponsorship for the football club and advertising for the small business, all funded by eBay.

Whilst they’d seen success in the first year, in the second year they needed to make SBU more social and engaging for young people, ultimately getting football fans talking about it. Therefore, they partnered with LADbible group; the experts in engaging a social generation.


We created the ‘Job Swaps’ campaign, working with ex-footballer Ben Foster to throw him into every-day life at small businesses all over the UK, and in turn, highlight the exchange of benefits the Small Businesses United provides.

Content saw Ben taking visits to Bee Beautiful and Salvatories with eBay to get his hands dirty and learn on the jobs, whilst chatting to the owners about the benefits they have received.

Via SPORTbible and LADbible’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, websites  and Twitter, we activated a series of hero videos, stories carousels, articles and short form videos.


The campaign saw 34.6 million impressions, 2.7 million video views along with 753k engagements.

Not only this, we saw +9% pts increase in Ebay being a platform for good. It was also the most viewed branded video on SPORTbible in 2022.

Display also delivered 13k clicks direct to the eBay site.