KSI and Craig David Hologram


  • To entertain the masses with immersive augmented reality formats 
  • Broaden engagement with our hologram format via more mainstream talent 
  • Provide creative assets for our community to enjoy remixing 


We began by launching our first ever hologram performance with music artist Yungblud as a pilot test.  As a result of seeing huge engagement, we refined both the user experience and amplification approach to build on the success of the debut of this format.

The project consisted of two different hologram performances. 

  • A KSI and Craig David duet hologram performance of their single “Really Love” hosted on our LADbible website and amplified across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • A short form comedy skit performed by KSIdelivered from within the LADbible channel on Snapchat Discover.

 Both performances were supported by the artists on their own social media channels.


  • 400k+ hologram uses
  • 3M+ UGC views  
  • 200% completion rate for long form hologram 
  • 7% share rate of Snapchat hologram 

 The 200% completion rate reenforced our expectation that audiences receive dual pleasure from holograms. Firstly, they are entertained by the performance occurring within their real-world environment, and secondly, they get the joy of creating their own entertaining UGC, being able to place and resize the holograms to their own personal taste.