Life Saving Lingerie


Around 2,200 women under 39 are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK every year. Education amongst young people on checking their breasts to avoid late detection is more important than ever. CoppaFeel!, the first UK breast cancer charity to solely create awareness amongst young people, designed a bra with online fashion retailer Boohoo to help educate. These bras aim to save lives by revolutionising the way women check their boobs. The patterns on the bras act as a guide for women and the washing label further explains the symptoms to look for when performing checks for breast cancer.

Tyla, our female-focussed channel, was the perfect partner to help launch and drive awareness of this innovative product, at scale. But not only that, we took matters into our own hands too, creating a new social movement with a twist…


  • We created an explainer video which set out to educate on the bra’s functionality published on Tyla’s Facebook page featuring Love Island’s India Reynolds.
  • We created a social documentary as a behind-the-scenes look into how the product was made with a direct link to purchase from the Boohoo online store.
  • We amplified the message by utilising Tyla’s website and social channels to reach a wider audience.

In order to take the campaign further, we created a 10-second dance routine named the #threemovechallenage; replicating the process favoured when performing checks for breast cancer. The #threemovechallenge routine was the performed and shared by Tyla-selected influencers across TikTok and Instagram. Once the craze had taken off, Tyla did a big reveal which showcased their involvement and reasoning behind the campaign; that no matter who you are or how old, you’re never too young to check your breasts.



  • 15K page views
  • 11K unique visitors


  • 1.5M impressions
  • 111K article clicks


Our dance content on TikTok was shared by users with a combined following of 6.1M including the likes of pop sensation ‘Raye’ and the West End cast of the musical ‘Wicked’.