We were briefed to showcase the benefits of modern devices to show users, who may not have upgraded in a while, the reasons why a new device is right for them

Over the past 2 years, we’ve all had more time to learn new skills while stuck at home. We know that 55% of our audience have picked up new hobbies during lockdown. ​ 


So, we created content that celebrates real people who’ve picked up a craft while stuck at home. Across LADbible, we’ve seen many young people developing newfound talents during lockdown. With Microsoft Intel, we help them optimise their new skills and share them out in the real world. 

We worked with Microsoft Wintel to share some of these inspiring stories on our channels via an original content series, whilst also demonstrating that with the help of the brand’s products we could bring new opportunities to life for emerging talent.

During one episode, we put the spotlight on a story of a LAD who learned how to DJ and is now performing on his bike up and down the country, taking his incredible live performances to streaming instantly with the help of Windows 10.

We also supported with LADx display, to drive awareness and consideration of 11th Gen Windows Devices.  WE targeted those most likely to be interested in upgrading their older devices, by highlighting the key feature upgrades, e.g. tech interests, family and parenting, and music, art / those likely to be more creative​.


Over the campaign, we saw  6.15 impressions along with a reach of 4.8 million and 6.2k clicks direct to site, all to showcase the benefits of modern devices. We also landed a spot into the top performing tech content in the UK for views, likes and engagements. 

Our Brand Uplift Study showed that Windows and Intel were the most recalled brands in the post wave of the study.The study also showed a 8% increase in users saying they are “likely to buy a Windows and Intel laptop in the future”.

Watch the episode here.