For the launch of the new Prime Video comedy Ricky Stanicky starring Zac Efron and John Cena we worked with Amazon Studios and Rufus to create a 360 degree partnership to make the film an unmissable watch amongst our audience.


Our campaign included an exclusive screenings partnership for our audience to see the movie pre-release IRL which saw tickets sell out in less than 72 hours across the US.
We also leveraged our award winning original studio to get the cast onto one of our iconic shows on YouTube. This was then distributed this across the LBG network with huge engagement and earned PR with over 600k likes on one TikTok edit alone.

Alongside this were a series of social posts driving buzz and excitement for the movie across multiple touchpoints. We also filmed live coverage from the red carpet and ran onsite display and pre-roll to build further reach.


Across the campaign, we reached a staggering 31 million, achieved 1.1 million engagements and a huge 72 hours of screenings were sold out. We also smashed CTR benchmarks by over 300%, all to drive the online conversation around Ricky Stanicky and make it the biggest show on Prime Video.