2 years ago

Auto brands that want to connect to the social generation are facing more challenges than ever before. From COVID-19 to horsepower v. sustainability brands have had to adapt their strategies to ensure they get on the consideration list.  

With this knowledge in mind, LADbible Group have launched a compelling report into the state of the auto industry covering everything electric cars to social media influence. We know that Auto brands want to connect with the social generation, so we have dug deep into their buying behaviours.  

Our research showed that out of the LADbible Group 22 million audience, 5.5million people are in market for a new car in the next 12 months, and 13% of those go on to make a purchase.

To succeed and cultivate genuine engagement with the social generation, partner with LADbible Group’s innovative, authentic, and engaging approach to advertising to connect with a youth audience of over a billion.  

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