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UNILAD partnered with TikTok to spotlight unsigned and emerging young artists looking for a platform to raise their profile. UNILAD hosted two unique live performances in-house where artists performed and hosted a live Q&A with questions from fans to delve into their creative process, what inspires them and how they’re using TikTok to build their careers. The shows were broadcast live from UNILAD’s TikTok channel and featured artists V.I.C, Aidan, Flossie and Louis III to UNILAD’s audience of 52.7 million on the channel to help drive their fame as well as give our audience new music to discover. 

Department of Transport  

The Department for Transport came to LADbible Group looking to highlight the dangers of drink driving to a youth audience. We created ‘Pint Block’, an entertaining and original campaign that saw a LAD pranking his friend by sending his pint and car keys into space to avoid him from drink driving.  The videos were then shared on LADbible’s Facebook and Instagram channels with collective audiences of over 54 million. To date, the campaign has delivered over 1.2 million views to help drive awareness of anti-drink driving and LADbible Group will continue to its channels to help educate and tackle issues that face young people by delivering engaging, purpose-driven campaigns to its audiences. 


This year, Kia shifted its brand purpose to a future of sustainable mobility and LADbible Group were on hand to help target young audiences with their new image.  Two of LADbible’s largest brands, UNILAD and UNILAD Adventure have a combined audience of 60.3 million and were a perfect fit for this campaign. We developed an original content series to capture full surfing experiences and meditation via GoPro at Boardmasters festival where the Kia was sponsor, to inspire audiences to embrace the Kia mindset of ‘Movement that inspires’ whilst promoting their latest automotive range.  The campaign drove awareness reaching over 5.4M adults and increased association between Kia and Boardmasters by +4%. The campaign particularly drove consideration amongst younger audiences with delivering over 10K engagements.


SPORTbible teamed up with adidas to launch ‘X Speedflow’, a new version of the popular X football boot as they wanted to cement its place within the market as the fastest football boot available. Playing on the abstract concept of speed within football, we came up with ‘Speedfulness ASMR’ and challenged our audience to get their speedfulness senses tingling through a series of tech activations on our channels with football legend Ian Wright. To date, the campaign has achieved over half a million views to drive interest in ‘X Speedflow’ to a sporting audience.