2 years ago

The podcast has been designed to echo the themes found in GOODLAD’s news feeds – delivering feel good, inspiring and positive news stories for daily motivation. Established podcaster & influencer Phoebe Parson’s will be hosting GOOD FEELS, inviting guests from various walks of life to share their uplifting stories in an effort to sooth its listeners into a good mood.

Launched in May of this year, GOODLAD’s mission is to act as a place of refuge for its audience by breaking up stress-inducing social feeds with positive, uplifting, good-vibes-only content. LADbible Group launched the channel after discovering that Australian’s hunger to stay informed during the course of the pandemic had resulted in news driving anxiety and fear throughout the nation. As a result, Australian’s began avoiding the news as a means to combat negativity, and instead, actively sought out positive news stories to brighten up their day – with properties like GOOD FEELS designed to offer a concentrated dose of exactly that.

Joseph Summers, general manager of LADbible Group APAC, said: “We’ve learnt a lot about the world of audio since the launch of our SPORTbible Daily Podcast earlier this year, and we’re ready to double down in this space after the positive feedback that we’re getting both from our audience, and the industry. We expect Podcasts to be a continued area of growth for us in the future as delivering video content that makes our audience laugh, think and act continues to be what we do best; and so video podcasts are simply the next evolution of that.”

Watch the first episode now here.