2 years ago

LADbible Group, one of the largest social publishers in the world, has today taken its first steps into the ANZ audio landscape – introducing the SPORTbible Daily Podcast.

The SPORTbible Daily is a daily discussion that tackles the last 24 hours of trending sports news in Australia and across the globe. Listeners can enjoy 15 minutes every morning with hosts Shad Wicka and Katie Brown as they look to dissect the biggest stories on and off the sporting field. The SPORTbible Daily will update listeners with a handful of talking points perfectly positioned for their WhatsApp group chat, or watercooler conversation. 

Backing the launch of LADbible Group’s first podcast, Spotify will be including the podcast as part of their Daily Drive soundtrack from launch.

Joseph Summers, General Manager of LADbible Group APAC, says: “We have been watching the audio landscape for some time now, so with the recent emergence of video podcasts we knew it was the right time to leap into this space. Delivering video content that makes our audience laugh, think and act is what we do best; and so video podcasts are simply the next evolution of that.”

Summers adds: “Our audience and partners are versed in what SPORTbible Australia looks like as a brand; now it’s time to reveal what it sounds like, and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come from us in this space.”