LADbible Group and Val Morgan Digital announce long term strategic commercial partnership

6 months ago
  • From January 1 2024, Val Morgan Digital will represent LADbible Group in Australia and New Zealand, through a strategic five-year commercial partnership.
  • The partnership will see Val Morgan Digital take over commercial representation of LADbible Group in Australia & NZ and includes brands LADbible Australia, SPORTbible Australia and more

Sydney, Australia — LADbible Group and Val Morgan Digital today announce a multi-year commercial partnership to continue to expand LADbible Group’s commercial offering in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

LADbible Group reaches over a billion people across the globe every single month. The addition of LADbible Group’s brands means Val Morgan Digital will expand its reach to 7.36 million people, a third of the total internet population in Australia. The growth also cements Val Morgan Digital as the largest online media publisher in the country for 14-39 year-olds, according to IPSOS Iris.* 

Brian Florido, Managing Director of Val Morgan Digital, commented: “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with the biggest social publisher in the world, with whom we share a commitment to foster vibrant digital youth communities.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in our journey at Val Morgan Digital as the home of youth media in Australia to continue building a network that gives brands an unmatched opportunity to connect with highly engaged and hard-to-reach Australians. It continues to fuel our mission to be the number one APAC digital publisher for the 14-39 demographic.Excitingly, we’ve also opened the door to sport, with the addition of SPORTbible Australia which will position us as a social leader in one of the biggest passion points for young Aussies.”

Florido also spoke to the cross-media opportunities for LADbible Group clients now that the brand is represented Val Morgan Digital in Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re in a unique position to have two sister brands, Val Morgan Cinema and VMO that allow brands to connect with audiences beyond the URL and into cinema environments, retail, health and wellness clubs, petro and convenience and office towers. We’re excited to seamlessly open this door for LADbible Group clients.”

Effective 1 January 2024, the LADbible Group sales and strategy teams will integrate with the Val Morgan Digital team, taking their knowledge of the audience and content with them, to expand and build LADbible Group’s advertising solutions, and Australian-based creators will partner with the brand to create bespoke localised content for Australia and New Zealand.

Solly Solomou, CEO of LADbible Group, commented: “This is an exciting day, as we announce our next phase of growth for the LADbible Group brands, and together strengthen our position as the go-to youth publisher for the APAC region. As a global leader in creating content for youth audiences, this partnership with Val Morgan Digital will unlock further opportunities for our brands and provide our existing and new clients with a best in class commercial and creative offering.”

Amanda Bardas, Publisher of Val Morgan Digital added, “The partnership with LADbible Group enhances our portfolio of brands and compliments what we’re about – building a network for people to explore their shared passions across a whole range of things, like gaming, beauty, food, sport, travel and entertainment. We’re excited to welcome the LADbible Group suite of brands and the team where we’ll continue creating vibrant Australian centric content.”