LADbible Group Teams Up With Jimmy Carr To Launch LADx, A New Display Video Advertising Product

3 years ago

LADbible group, the world’s largest and most engaged social publisher, has launched LADx, a revolutionary streaming-based video advertising format.

Jimmy Carr, LADx expert said: It’s pretty good… it’s great…it’s absolutely brilliant!

[if we’re being transparent, we paid him to say that].

LADx is a high-performance advertising product which uses adaptive streaming technology [like that which is used by Netflix and YouTube] to deliver ads 25 times quicker and in HD quality. Clients will only pay for completed views [advertising will be 100% in view until completion], which will result in this product being at least 40% cheaper than competitive units, all in an IAB Gold Standard Accredited brand-safe environment.

All campaigns will be strictly guaranteed-only to ensure full supply chain transparency and focused on performance across LADbible Group’s websites [combined monthly unique users of almost 68 million].

LADx can be bought exclusively from LADbible Group and offered via two bespoke mobile video ad formats on LADbible, Tyla, UNILAD, GAMINGbible and SPORTbible websites.

To find out more about LADx, contact  [email protected] or click ‘get in touch’ below.