2 months ago
  • A report from LADbible Group and Stamp Out Spiking shows 70% of 18–24-year-olds have either experienced or witnessed drink spiking. 
  • A staggering 87% of victims did not report their incidents to the police.  
  • 82% of victims agreed they would more likely report incidents if spiking were explicitly illegal.  

New research released today reveals alarming statistics about the prevalence of drink spiking among young adults. According to the findings, a staggering 70% of 18–24-year-olds have either experienced or witnessed drink spiking, with over half of females (51%) and 69% of LGBTQ+ individuals affected.  

Despite this widespread occurrence, incidents of drink spiking are severely underreported. An alarming 87% of victims choose not to report their experiences to the police, citing reasons such as insufficient evidence (48%), believing it was too late to report after the incident (38%), and concerns about no action being taken (27%).  

The research also revealed that 82% of victims would be more likely to report incidents to the police if spiking were explicitly illegal.  

This revelation comes at a crucial time as the government moves to modernise spiking laws, to make clear spiking is a crime. However, awareness of these legislative efforts remains low. 86% surveyed did not know there was not a specific law to convict against spiking, and less than a third were aware of the proposed amendments to the criminal justice bill. Only 17% think the new legislation goes far enough.  

Six in ten respondents advocated for enhanced training for venue staff, and greater education regarding spiking awareness. Only 11% of victims reported receiving supportive assistance from venue staff, while 65% expressed uncertainty about the appropriate course of action upon realising spiking had occurred. 

Emily Driscoll, Head of Data, Intelligence & Planning at LADbible Group, said: “The results of this research highlight the urgent need for greater education, awareness, and action to address the concerning prevalence of drink spiking, especially amongst Gen Z. As a business, we are committed to using the scale and reach of our platforms, which reaches nearly six in ten 18–24-year-olds in the UK, to raise awareness and advocate for change to ensure the safety and well-being among young adults.” 

Dawn Dines, CEO and founder of Stamp Out Spiking, stated: ”We firmly believe key safeguarding education is urgently needed to ensure the safety of partygoers across the UK. The numbers speak for themselves, with 60% of young adults supporting our mission, advocating for advanced training for venue staff and greater education regarding spiking awareness.” 

The research was commissioned by LADbible Group and conducted through its consumer youth panel LADnation – a consumer youth panel consisting of over 55,000 Gen Z’s and Millennials. It contributes to a broader campaign ‘End Spiking, Now.’ advocating for speaking out against spiking incidents, including the original series ‘Survivors of Spiking: Our Stories’, which sheds light on the realities of the spiking epidemic. 


Notes to editors:  

Full report: Stop Spiking, Now report 2024

2,063 individuals aged 18-44 were surveyed for the research.  

Stamp Out Spiking is a charity seeking to change the law and help make spiking a specific criminal offence. It is seeking to prevent and reduce the criminal act of spiking and related crimes through advancing public