2 years ago

LADbible Group has launched a new campaign, ‘Someone You Love’.

Our insight showed that only 14% are aware of the stipulations regarding abortion in the UK and 9 in 10 oppose the Supreme Court’s decision.

With this in mind our campaign, running across, social and OOH, aims to end the stigma around talking about abortion, inform them of the stipulations in their country, and educate our audience on how they can help women in the US. Only 1 in 3 are aware of any method they could help someone.

A new hub page of education pieces and resources has also been created to help raise awareness and offer support to our audience and anyone affected by abortion, which will be shared across our platforms. Please visit:

To support our global workforce, we’re also introducing an abortion policy which gives employees up to 10 days paid time off for an abortion procedure and a travel allowance for treatments (including abortion) that are illegal/banned where someone lives.