LADbible Launch On Snapchat Discover

17. Jul 2018

LADbible Become First UK Social Publisher to Join Snapchat Discover

This month saw LADbible become the UK’s first social publisher to join Snapchat Discover and it is already proving to be a huge hit with our youth audience. In our first month, we’ve had a positive reaction with high figures for traffic, dwell time and engagement.


What to expect from LADbible’s Snapchat Discover page

Produced in-house by our Manchester based team, LADbible will feature a wide range of daily content including editorial, original video, quick viral clips, important campaigns and much more.


In keeping with it’s core editorial values, LADbible will continue to put the community at the heart of the action.  Expect regular features like Daily LADness and LADbible Tales celebrating life’s everyday heroes.


Arian Kalantari, Co-founder of LADbible Group says: “Joining Snapchat Discover is a milestone moment for LADbible as we evolve and keep pace with the changing consumption habits of our global audience of 1 billion plus. We’re excited to build out a team dedicated to producing bespoke fun and fresh positive content for this platform.”