UNILAD joined forces with Kia to bring to life and raise awareness of the ‘Movement That Inspires’ message, creating longevity for the Boardmasters partnership. They briefed us to target young audiences on UNILAD and UNILAD Adventure, to a combined audience of 60.3 million, and create credibility for Kia through driving awareness of the festival partnership.


We created a social adventure series celebrating Kia’s partnership with Boardmasters by shining a light on the festival, the beauty of the Cornish coastline, and the movement it inspires.

Movement is inspiring because it changes your surroundings and after more than a year locked down, a change in surroundings is exactly what our audience needed. This partnership transported our audience to the Cornish coast to shine a light on the beauty and delight of Boardmasters Festival and bring them closer to the coastline in this stunning adventure series.

We developed a content series to showcase Kia’s tie-up with Boardmasters festival, capturing full surfing experiences using GoPro cameras along with ASMR-style graphic take over to inspire audiences to breathe meditatively and embrace the Kia mindset of ‘Movement that inspires’.


To date, the campaign achieved a reach of 5.4 million people with 1.9 million video views and 10,516 engagements. We even landed Kia into the top 3 most viewed branded content on the UNILAD platform, all to increase Kia’s association with ‘movement that inspires’.

Watch the content now.