06. Jul 2018

LADbible tackles 'stereotyping' in thought leadership panel at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

We’re in the midst of a social revolution, where the often under-represented now have a positive and influential voice.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the content and brands we engage with on social media. And when it comes to representations of gender, sexuality and body image, the social generation demand ‘brands that get me’ are inclusive to their lifestyle and values.


LADbible, in collaboration with Contagious, unveiled exclusive research into millennial attitudes towards gender inclusivity at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. As well as an article published by Contagious in their quarterly magazine, the research was put to a panel of the most forward-thinking brands and content creators at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Sam Salameh, Head of Smirnoff, and Ian Richardson, Managing Director of LADbible’s in house creative agency Joyride, are among those taking part in ‘Brands That Get Me’, a discussion that demonstrates the social and commercial benefit of putting un-stereotyping at the heart of campaigns.


Meet the panelists:


Ian Richardson – Managing Director – Joyride

‘its getting people talking about stereotypes in a relatable way’ 


Rik Strubel – Global Vice President – Lynx

‘[Lynx] has made good use of stereotypes in the past to be honest. Turning the underdog into a sex magnet just using a body spray resulting in half naked women flying towards him, it put smiles on people’s faces but it didn’t resonate with our audience. They were saying that’s not what it’s like anymore, that’s not what dating or relationships are like.’ 


Sam Salameh – Head Of Smirnoff

‘linking story back to your product so that it doesn’t feel forced and fake is so important, otherwise consumers see right through it so our whole piece on Smirnoff is that we firmly believe that if you make socialising as inclusive as it can be, everyone’s just going to have a better time.’ 


Stephanie Feeney – Executive Strategy Director – 72andSunny

‘we asked women for the first time: What do girls find attractive about guys? There was this very touching disconnect between what girls said: ’his funny weird patchy beard he has’ or ‘that weird obsession he has with gaming which I don’t really get but he’s super into it’



Watch the full panel below