‘Extinct’ launches Snapchat Lens

07. Nov 2018

LADbible's 'Extinct' campaign launches powerful Snapchat Lens

LADbible partner with world’s biggest illegal wildlife trade conference to drive mass awareness through immersive storytelling on Snapchat



The illegal wildlife trade not only endangers some of our most iconic species of wildlife, but is a serious organised crime and damages the livelihoods of some of the world’s poorest communities.


This month, the UK Government hosted the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) conference in London. Senior officials and dignitaries from over 80 counties attended the two-day summit to address the issue and make further steps to tackle this criminal trade.


LADbible, as the official youth media partner to the IWT conference, produced an innovative immersive experience focused on illegal wildlife trade.


A Snapchat AR First 


In a Snapchat first, the social publisher has produced a short-form augmented reality documentary experience that drives home the severity of poaching of the elephant in Gabon and other Central African countries.


Using the popular Snapchat Lens function, users can playfully immerse themselves in the powerful experience of becoming an elephant in augmented reality.  However, there is a powerful twist, when the elephant’s tusks begin to disappear and the user is confronted with the realisation that one of the world’s most iconic species is under serious threat of extinction.  


This 22 second AR documentary, narrated by Rick Edwards,  is available as a swipe up on the latest edition of LADbible’s Snapchat Discover or via this Snapcode.